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  • Pav Bhaji Pav Bhaji
    Quickshop Pav Bhaji: A Traditional Culinary Delight Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors...
    Freshoneed Pav Bhaji
    Regular price Rs. 150.00
  • Bataka Pauva Bataka Pauva
    Quickshop Bataka Pauva : A Delectable Fusion of Tradition and Convenience Embark on...
    Freshoneed Bataka Pauva
    Regular price Rs. 80.00
  • Ragada Samosa Ragada Samosa
    Quickshop Ragada Samosa: A Crispy Symphony of Flavor and Spice Embark on a...
    Freshoneed Ragada Samosa
    Regular price Rs. 120.00
  • Locho Locho
    Quickshop Locho: A Culinary Marvel of Instant Delight Embark on a gastronomic adventure...
    Freshoneed Locho
    Regular price Rs. 120.00
  • Rava Upma Rava Upma
    Quickshop Rava Upma: A Culinary Adventure Unfolds in Every Bite Embark on a...
    Freshoneed Rava Upma
    Regular price Rs. 80.00
  • Idli Sambhar Idli Sambhar
    Quickshop Idli Sambhar: A South Indian Delicacy at Your Fingertips Savor the authentic...
    Freshoneed Idli Sambhar
    Regular price Rs. 120.00
  • Ragada Kachori (Crush) Ragada Kachori (Crush)
    Quickshop Ragada Kachori Crush: A Savory Symphony of Crispiness and Spice Embark on...
    Freshoneed Ragada Kachori (Crush)
    Regular price Rs. 150.00
  • Khamni Khamni
    Quickshop Delight your taste buds with Khamni, a well-known and flavorful Indian dish...
    Freshoneed Khamni
    Regular price Rs. 120.00
  • Medu Vada Sambhar Medu Vada Sambhar
    Quickshop Medu Vada Sambhar: A Traditional Culinary Delight Immerse yourself in the classic...
    Freshoneed Medu Vada Sambhar
    Regular price Rs. 120.00
  • Kanda Poha Kanda Poha
    Quickshop Kanda Poha: A Light and Flavorful Breakfast Delight Start your day with...
    Freshoneed Kanda Poha
    Regular price Rs. 80.00

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